Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Guest Post: Fully Alive 101


Guest Post By Kimberly Babin

Fullyalive101 is a conversation about health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. We believe that joy, success, and happiness all come from curating a life that explores fun, unique and creative ways to live FULLY ALIVE, to live the life you were born to.

When I was a child, there was this really unique series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure. They didn’t have one set outcome, they didn’t have one ending, and that is how we can view our lives, because we largely are capable of writing our own story, we are essentially the author of our own lives.

Yes, there is going to be the unexpected, the thing we never could have planned for, but when we look at it with a sense of adventure, we can see it as a plot twist rather than a setback, and it is always that curve ball and how it is overcome, how it’s dealt with that makes for a really great story. That’s the kind of book we want to read, and that is the kind of story we can write for our own epic journeys.

The human spirit is filled with a sense of longing, a thirst to explore, to take on new adventures, not to just visit unknown territories, but to see sights with new eyes. It is when we act on our desire to explore, to grow, to change, to become better… we begin to develop a sense of awe, of wonder, and we begin to gain an understanding of our infinite possibilities.

Our passion and drive and curiosity expands with each step. We aren’t here to submit to the mundane, to resign to our circumstances, we're here to change and transform them and to become more alive each day. When we develop a sense of adventure, of seeking, of doing, of curiosity we develop our power to choose, to create to curate.

We have this innate power to become fearless, to replace stagnation with forward movement. Our fears become transformed into faith, our limiting beliefs that once told us we must resign to the mundane, break down and are left at the side of the path as we journey forward.

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Babin
“When we begin to tap into our human spirit, our own unique potential, and our divine nature of resilience, we can begin to uplift humanity; that is living fully alive”
Kimberly Babin is a writer & blogger, inspiring speaker, and the creator of Fully Alive 101. A firm believer in the human spirit and human potential, she has immersed herself in the art of becoming greater: greater than our fears, greater than our limiting beliefs, greater than who we were yesterday. An avid researcher, reader, yoga & meditation enthusiast, Kimberly believes that everyone can live a vibrant life in mind, body & spirit.