About Summer (and Her Epic Journey)

Howdy! My name is Summer Slevin and I am a 24 year-old wanderlusting, adventure hungry recent college graduate!
I am all about taking full advantage of this short little life we've been given. I want to help as many people, laugh as much, travel to as many places, have as many adventures, and read as many books as humanly possible. I think life is all about saying yes and following your gut! My life is one big adventure and I am enjoying the journey.
I have road tripped to 40+ states, and gone to B.C. and Ghana, Africa. I want to keep expanding my life and saying yes to opportunities!
If you would like to follow some of my experiences on Instagram, my main hashtag is #SummersEpicJourney. I also have a podcast on Sound Cloud.
I started this blog to encourage others to take risks, talk to strangers, listen to their gut and say yes to life!
I wanted to share my own adventures of passion and wander, share advice that I've gained along the way, and some tricks I've learned while traveling.
Along with traveling and blogging, I enjoy reading books that add kindle to my flame (but I prefer audio books or paperback hardyharhar). I am currently heading a national marketing campaign for Mary Shores, a motivational speaker and self-empowerment author, and I hope to use this experience, all my previous experiences, and my future opportunities to engage, enlighten, and empower women throughout the world.

If you would like to give some feedback, get specific advice, suggest places to visit, or ask any questions about my journeys feel free to comment on any of my posts!
Journey on, friends!

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