Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why I wanted to go to Jury Duty..

Yes, it's true, I wanted to go to Jury Duty this week. Once I realized I had been picked, it felt like I had won a lottery of sorts. No, it's not just about the idea of being apart of one of those juicy court hearings that you see on tv (admittedly that WAS in the back of my mind). It wasn't about being able to miss work, although I did look forward to catching up on some research and reading I've been meaning to do. It wasn't about being able to step away from all my stressful day-to-day thoughts. 
I was excited about Jury Duty because it is one of the reasons why I love this country.
Now, I don't want to give the impression that I am a huge patriot and I ignore all of the injustices taking place daily here, and I'm not trying to romanticize all of the terrible, tragic things that are happening to undeserving people.
But, regardless, there is a lot to love about America.
To me, Jury Duty represents democracy, justice, and freedom of the people.
Of course it could be implemented better, of course! Everything could, really. But there is something so beautiful about looking around me and seeing people of all different races, ages, education backgrounds, classes, opinions, wealth, and opportunities sitting with me as peers, getting 100% of the same say as one another.
Isn't that just a little beautiful?
Okay, so it is scary that all of these strangers might have totally different morals and biases than me and we may be deciding on very serious consequences for someone, but it all comes back to what makes America so wonderful.
Who's to say that my one option is correct or that my individual bias, or education has given me the right answer in a specific case? Nothing. But with 12 minds, morals, backgrounds and options working together, we can reach the most balanced decision possible.
It's a beautiful thing.
I don't really get to see how my individual vote changes an election, or how my tax dollars really make a difference, but when I sit in the chair at the courthouse with all my peers, I feel like I am making a teeny difference in what makes America a democracy.
Each of us will probably have to serve on a jury at one time or another, why not change your perspective about the whole thing and instead see what an instrumental part you get to play that week.

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