Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One Post Everyday

As you can tell, I am terrible at posting one blog entry every single day.
It is so difficult to fit it in-between the networking, workshop attending, Netflix watching, headaches, working, socializing and so on. It just becomes lost in all the noise and all of the priorities that seem to creep up the list.
I just don't feel inspired, or I want to write the perfect post instead of just crying out in mediocrity. And to be completely candid, I also don't know if I'm a good writer, and I am afraid of the feedback... or even lack there of.
But then I did some research for how to get motivation to blog and I found out that *GASP* I am not alone in my struggle, worries, procrastination, and insecurities.
The number one piece of advice I got was to just SUCK IT UP and write one thing everyday. And when you hit the publish button on that one thing every single day, it becomes public and you have to suck it up even more.
Because life is going to be over in the blink of an eye, and so why not just put yourself out there and JUST DO IT.
Do I want to be a writer? Yes.
So how does one get better at writing? They write. Duh.
Every single day. It's called discipline and I am going to prove that I have an ounce of it.

So here I am, having adventures and journeys, but not exactly leading the life I want, but it doesn't matter. I'm going to suck it up and write about all my days anyway.
So welcome to Summer's New Epic Journey.

The one where she has many mini journeys, thoughts, desires, tips and stories.

My posts will vary:

  • Some of these posts might be fiction (I will add a disclaimer to those) because I would like to write my first fiction piece.
  • Some of these entries might seem journal-ish.
  • Some of the entries might be stock full of tips.
  • Some might just talk about my motivation that day.
  • Some might talk about the inspiration I got that day or the people I met.
  • Some might be memories of my previous adventures.

I do hope you enjoy this journey with me, but ultimately I will need to remember that this blog is about loving what I'm writing about, not getting praise and comments from my readers.

That being said, feel free to leave me a question, comment, or feedback.

So wish me luck!

#OnePostEveryday #SummersEpicJourney

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